As interior carpentry and modular construction specialists, Boloni works closely together with architects and interior designers in developing their layouts. We can specify and produce carpentry technical and construction drawings, after which our team executes the drawings into practical solutions using quality products manufactured in our factories overseas.

Boloni Project Management Teams

Helmed by Project Director Sonia Anya Tay, our project management teams comprise designers Matthew Kek, Manager, Design & Project Management, Ronaldo Ariston, Manager, Design & Projects (Hospitality), Heidi Poh, Architecture Interior Designer and Judy Lai, Designer, Interior Specialist; Project Manager Zames Ooi , Quantity Surveyor Ang Pik Lian and Contractor Zhang Yao Dang.

The teams come with a wealth of experience spanning commercial, retail and residential design projects. They function as your project management arm. Provide us with your drawings and brief, and they take over in these areas to relieve you of your workload so that you can focus on your clients.

Figure 1 Project Management Team

Partnerships with Architects and Interior Designers Welcome

Boloni welcomes friendly partnerships with architects and interior designers working on projects for their clients.   Based on your initial drawings, designers from our Project Management team will

  1. provide you with detailed layouts based on your initial drawings.
  2. source for the appropriate Boloni products to furnish and fit into your designs.
  3. provide cost management and budget control.
  4. manage the projects for you from start to completion.

Figure 2  Project Management Designers Team

Our Affiliate Program also welcomes like-minded architects and interior designers to service Boloni’s current portfolio of high-end residential clients of landed/GCB properties. Our client relationship manager will liaise with the clients and make appointments for the Affiliate Architects to meet the client and discuss their design needs. Preferential rates and other benefits will be accorded to our Affiliate Architects.

To join the Affiliate Architects program, please WhatsApp: +65 91503555 

From our Affiliate Architects

                                      Figure 3 Paul Yeo (left) and Ivan Soh of PI Architects

Ivan Soh and Paul Yeo, Founding Partners at PI Architects Jalan Dermawan Project

There’s a comfortable synergy between the PI team and the Boloni team thus far. Bouncing off ideas are a breeze as both sides are very optimistic when it comes to designing quality spaces with quality products. Clear communication between clients, Boloni and ourselves have helped with the swift specifications and design process. I cannot wait for the final product to be built.

Samson Tan, Managing Director and Richie Wong, Senior Associate Director, Staarch Kovan Road Project

We are thrilled to be partnering Boloni for our home solutions. They understand our needs and clients’ requirements very well. This has certainly enabled a smooth facilitation of our work. With the superior products from Boloni coupled with the efficient service of the team, I am confident that our clients will be more than satisfied with the quality of their homes.